Unboxing Power | Nyako SEGA Luminasta Figure

Unboxing Power | Nyako SEGA Luminasta Figure

Unbox a charming Power and Nyako Luminasta figure by Sega. Weird cardboard packaging and quality composition make this an interesting prize figure.

Last updated: 2024-04-24
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Animota, compared to other shops, fell short in securing the product. While using paper packing it was pretty randomly placed around the figure box. Inside the Power and Nyako Luminasta figure box by Sega featured an interesting cardboard packaging likely to save on costs.
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In our latest figure unboxing we're looking at Power and Nyako Luminasta figure by Sega. A charming prize figure pair from Animota.

Animota Shipping Package

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The first thing you notice is the Animota shop's big logo sticker on the box. It's clear and upfront. The package itself was pushed in on one side. Despite this, the anticipation of what's inside remains.

The figure box inside, as usual, was wrapped in default bubble wrap, but aside from that the packing paper quantity was lacking...

Power and Nyako Figure Box Outside

The figure box has a few small dents, but nothing that indicates major damage. And for a prize figure it has a nice colorful design.

Unboxing the Figure

The packaging within the figure box seemed quite unique. The figure was nestled inside a triangle cardboard box that was unexpected as usually you find a plastic blister packing. And inside this cardboard cheese was the figure, which again was wrapped in bubble wrap for protection.

The figure itself was in perfect condition with no marks or damage.

Power and Nyako Figure Notes

The figure looks nice and was accurately reflected on the box illustration. Power has pegs only on one of her shoes, while the other was left loose, creating a pleasant stance.

While Nyako is a minor character in this figure (and in the anime series), it does a good job of complimenting the composition and adding more warmth.

Power | Nyako - Luminasta - Sega

Power | Nyako - Luminasta - Sega figure
© Sega / Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Chainsaw Man production committee
Sum Up

The packaging of the figure indicates that the Luminasta line may not be on par with other SEGA prize figure lines such as PM/SPM/LPM, given the simpler packing method involving cardboard and bubble wrap rather than blister packaging. Nevertheless, the figure does not seem to significantly fall short in quality, as prize figures typically do not offer high levels of detail to begin with. We will need to re-evaluate this once we've gathered more prize figures for comparison.

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