Deciding When and Where to Sell Anime Figures

Deciding When and Where to Sell Anime Figures

Discover when and where to sell your anime figures. Explore factors that influence selling decisions and navigate popular selling platforms for best results.

Last updated: 2023-07-24
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Deciding to sell anime figures may be influenced by changes in interest, space constraints, desire to renew the collection, or financial needs. Methods to decide include assessing your emotional connection to the figure. Popular platforms to sell on include AkibaSoul, eBay, Mercari (USA and Japan), Vinted, AmiAmi, and MyFigureCollection. Each platform varies in terms of seller location, shipping cost responsibility, fees, and specific requirements for the figures.
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The decision to sell an anime figure is not always an easy one. As a collector, you've likely formed attachments to your figures, and parting with them can be challenging. However, there are several reasons why you might decide to sell, from wanting to renew your collection to needing extra space or funds. This article will guide you through the process of deciding when to sell your anime figures and where to sell them for the best possible outcome.

Deciding When to Sell Your Anime Figures

The decision to sell an anime figure can be influenced by various factors. Here are some common reasons collectors decide to sell:

  • Shift in Interests: Over time, your interests may change. You might find that you no longer feel the same connection to certain figures their characters or series as you once did. As well as a shift in the type of figure you want to collect. For example maybe you started collecting prize and gachapon figures, but now would like to shift focus to higher quality figures like resin or scale ones.
  • Space Constraints: As your collection grows, space can become a significant concern. If you're running out of room to display your figures properly, it might be time to consider selling some. More about storing here.
  • Renewing Your Collection: Selling older figures can provide the funds needed to purchase new ones, allowing you to keep your collection fresh and exciting.
  • Financial Needs: Selling figures can provide a source of extra income. If you're in need of funds, selling figures you're less attached to can be a practical decision.

If none of the above ones help you decide, maybe a more emotional approach will work for you. We found the method written by KonMari from MFC worth a try:

Kanna holding an anime figure
© Coolkyousinnjya, Futabasha/ Dragon Maid Committee

Hold the figure and if it elicits some degree of automatic feeling of happiness, keep it. If not, consider selling it.

Where to Sell Your Anime Figures

If you've decided to sell, the next step is to find the right platform. Here are some popular options:


Sellers: Worldwide(link)

Shipping cost covered by: Seller

Fee: No fee

AkibaSoul offers a worldwide service where you can sell your figures. They provide a quote for your described items and if you accept, just ship it over to them (shipping costs will be your responsibility). Here is a list of "no no" requirements for the figure:

  • Prize/trading figures like Banpresto, Taito, FuRyu, and Sega figures
  • Non-Japanese figures, bootlegs, garage kits, polystone, or resin figures
  • Posable figures like figma/nendoroid with broken/opened box seals
  • Figures without original boxes/packaging
  • Figures with missing/broken/repaired parts
  • Figures that smell like smoke
  • Sticky figures due to plasticizer and/or oils


Sellers: Worldwide(link)

Shipping cost covered by: Seller or Buyer


  • Listing - free up 250 items per month after that $0.35 per listing
  • On sale - 13.25% which decreases to 2.35% after $7,500. Also $0.30 per order

eBay hardly needs an introduction as it is a well-known platform that allows you to reach a global audience. It's a great place to sell if you want to set your own prices and are willing to handle the shipping process yourself. The fee is a bit steep though...


Sellers: USA(link)

Shipping cost covered by: Seller or Buyer


  • Listing - free
  • On sale - minimum fee of 10%. Also payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.50

Mercari is a popular platform in the USA for selling a variety of items, including anime figures. They offer a user-friendly interface and handle the transaction process.

Mercari Japan

Sellers: Japan(link)

Shipping cost covered by: Seller or Buyer


  • Listing - free.
  • On sale - fee of 10%. Also possible transaction fee on some payment methods

Similar to its US counterpart, Mercari Japan is a popular platform for selling anime figures. International buyers can purchase from Mercari Japan through proxy services like Buyee.


Sellers: USA/Canada and parts of Europe(link)

Shipping cost covered by: Seller or Buyer

Fee: Some on the buyer side

Vinted is a platform that's popular in Europe but also available in the USA and Canada. It's a good option if you're based in these regions.


Sellers: Japan(link)

Shipping cost covered by: AmiAmi

Fee: no fees

AmiAmi is a Japan-based platform that buys back figures. They offer a full service where you just need to send them the figures (even bulk) and they'll do the rest.


Sellers: Worldwide(link)

Shipping cost covered by: Seller or Buyer

Fee: no fees, but only 1 listing per week. Becoming a supporter for $5 per month allows for unlimited listing

MyFigureCollection is a community dedicated to anime figures, making it a great place to sell to motivated collectors. They also provide a guide on how to create an ad (tutorial).

Naturally Japan has more places to sell due to being a larger market. But there may always be a local solution to you that only exists in your country and we did not cover it. Always remember to consider factors like platform fees, shipping costs, and the size of the platform's user base when choosing where to sell. It's also important to present your figures well, with clear photos and detailed descriptions, to attract potential buyers.

Deciding when and where to sell your anime figures can be a complex process, often influenced by factors such as space constraints, financial needs, or a desire to refresh your collection. Sometimes, selling may not be a choice, but a necessity due to changing life circumstances. However, when the decision is in your hands, it can be challenging to part with figures that have been a part of your collection for a long time. Regardless of the reasons, selling your figures can open up new opportunities for your collection and provide a different perspective on the hobby. Remember, every end is just a new beginning in the world of anime figure collecting. Happy selling!

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