Blue Archive Is Getting An Anime Series

Blue Archive Is Getting An Anime Series

"Blue Archive The Animation" - upcoming anime adaptation of the popular game "Blue Archive". Get a glimpse of character visuals and studios involved.

Last updated: 2024-03-22
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The game "Blue Archive" is getting an anime adaptation, "Blue Archive The Animation," set to air in April 2024. Announced in January 2023, the series has revealed visuals of characters Arona and Shiroko. Animation is managed by Yostar Pictures and studio CANDY BOX.
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"Blue Archive The Animation" Announcement

The popular anime game "Blue Archive" is making its way to the screen with its very own anime adaptation titled "Blue Archive The Animation". The first official announcement came from a tweet by the game's official account, @Blue_ArchiveJP, on January 22, 2023.

Official tweet announcing the series.

Blue Archive the animation announcement tweet
© Blue Archive twitter

First Key Visual Release

Fast forward to July 2023, and the excitement has only grown. An official page dedicated to the anime series has been launched at Official anime series website, unveiling character visuals of Arona and Shiroko, two of the game's beloved characters.

Blue Archive The Animation key visual.

Blue Archive animation key visual
© Nexon Games / Yostar, Inc.

Animation Studio

The animation responsibilities have been entrusted to Yostar Pictures in collaboration with studio CANDY BOX. These studios already have experience working with anime game adaptation to anime series like "Azur Lane", "Arknights" and more.... For fans curious about the animation quality and style, Yostar Pictures had previously released a PV video for the Blue Archive game, which can be viewed below. This video might offer a glimpse into the visual direction the anime adaptation could take together with CGI usage.

TV Visual and PV Teaser Release

On January 20th, 2024 during the 3rd-anniversary commemorative event of the game, teaser PV and main visual for the TV anime were released.

Blue Archive The Animation main TV visual.
Blue Archive The Animation main TV visual
© NEXON Games / アビドス商店街
Blue Archive The Animation PV teaser.

In addition to the visual releases, more character designs have been unveiled. You can check them out on the official Blue Archive The Animation page.

Blue Archive The Animation TCG Booster Pack

Nexon Games has announced a trading card booster pack named after the upcoming Blue Archive anime project called "Blue Archive The Animation."

Blue Archive The Animation booster pack announcement.
Blue Archive The Animation Booster Pack Announcement
ⓒ NEXON Games/アビドス商店街

Blue Archive The Animation Broadcast Date

Additional details about the broadcast have been revealed, including the official airing date set for April 2024. With the game's immense popularity and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming anime, "Blue Archive The Animation" is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on in the anime community.

Blue Archive Arona
© Nexon Games / Yostar, Inc.
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