2024 Winter Season Anime Lineup to Be Excited For

2024 Winter Season Anime Lineup to Be Excited For

Fresh winter season lineup in 2024! Returning "Haikyuu!!," "Tsukimichi S2," , "Classroom of the Elite III" and new anime like "Solo Leveling".

Last updated: 2024-01-07
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Most anticipated anime are mostly comeback seasons/movies, the most common mentioned top 4 being "Solo Leveling", "Haikyuu!!", "Tsukimichi S2" and "Classroom of the Elite III".
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The list is focused on helping people relax and cope during difficult times. It only includes anime that are not tense and instead emphasize comedy and a laid-back atmosphere to bring a smile to the viewer's face. The anime on the list will be given a rating indicating how much they lean towards being chill and comedic.

Starting from less to more anticipated ones:

Banished From The Hero's Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside Season 2 (真の仲間じゃないと勇者のパーティーを追い出されたので、辺境でスローライフすることにしました 第2期, Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni Shimashita 2nd)

Banished From The Hero's Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside Season 2 anime
In a bit of unexpected turn of events, "Banished From The Hero's Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside" is making a return for its second season? Season 1 concluded on a good note, and while the show was decent overall, the decision to continue the story with a second season might come as a surprise. Nonetheless, fans are sure not to complain if more content is offered. The series is set to pick up where it left off, offering viewers another dose of the low-key adventures in the countryside.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 (僕の心のヤバイやつ 第2, Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu Season 2)

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 anime
Get ready for more "The Dangers in My Heart" as it returns for its promised second season. With the first season wrapping up just on last years Spring and earning its fair share of applause, the announcement of Season 2 came as no surprise, especially for those who caught the reveal at the end of the last episodes.

Delicious in Dungeon (ダンジョン飯, Dungeon Meshi)

Delicious in Dungeon anime
A new food anime adventure with the upcoming "Delicious in Dungeon," a mouthwatering? adaptation that's a treat especially if you like dungeons and food making anime. If that's the case then this is probably the best anime season for you yet. The title "might" give it away, but the storyline follows a party of dungeon explorers who boldly question maybe monsters can be transformed into yummy dishes.

Gushing Over Magical Girls (魔法少女にあこがれて, Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete) [Ecchi]

Gushing Over Magical Girls anime
Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete Wiki
"Gushing Over Magical Girls" is an anime that takes the classical magical girl genre and infuses it with an ecchi twist. In a departure from the typical magical girl narrative, the story unfolds from the perspective of the antagonists rather than the conventional focus on the protagonists. This unique approach adds a bit of freshness and unconventional angle to the familiar magical girl theme. A quality combination of comedy and ecchi.

Chained Soldier (魔都精兵のスレイブ, Mato Seihei no Slave) [Ecchi]

Chained Soldier anime
Prepare for the spellbinding anime "Chained Soldier," a fresh take on the mysterious "Mato" dimension. As these portals emerge across Japan, the discovery of the empowering "Peaches" leads to the formation of the Anti-demon Corps—a group of elite women... So basically cute girls protecting earth from demons and with an ecchi twist...

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 (マッシュル-MASHLE- 第2期, Mashle 2nd Season)

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 anime
©甲本 一/集英社・マッシュル製作委員会
Get ready to flex some magical muscles as "Mashle: Magic and Muscles" makes a muscle return for its second muscle season of comedic muscle enchantment. The muscle-bound protagonist, Mashle, is back to bring laughter and magic in equal measure. With the manga having reached its conclusion, there is plenty of material to be adapted, and even the possibility for Season 3. "Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2" will continue to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor, magic, and, of course, Mashle's incredible muscles.

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- Season 2 (月が導く異世界道中, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu 2nd Season)

Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- Season 2 anime
After an agonizing three-year wait that felt like an eternity, "Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-" is set to make a triumphant return for its second season. With enthusiasts eager to delve back into the world where overpowered Makoto Misumi's journey unfolds. As he continues to build his hidden kingdom...

Classroom of the Elite III (ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ, Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e 3rd Season )

Classroom of the Elite III
A third installment of "Classroom of the Elite" as Kiyotaka Ayanokouji returns for another round of battles of wits. The upcoming season kicks off with a high-stakes scenario - a special boot camp deep in the mountains. The students find themselves forcibly divided by grade and gender, from first to third years. Will class D survive this trial?

Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati Saga (青の祓魔師 島根啓明結社篇, Ao no Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati-hen)

Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati Saga anime
"Blue Exorcist" returns for a 3rd season after almost 7 years, "Blue Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati Saga." Original fans are buzzing with excitement as the anime gears up for another installment. While the series has had its share of controversy, particularly with its initial season, there's a hopeful anticipation that the third season will recapture the essence that made the show beloved.

Haikyu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump (劇場版ハイキュー!! ゴミ捨て場の決戦, Haikyuu!! Movie: Gomisuteba no Kessen )

Haikyu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump
©2024「ハイキュー‼」製作委員会 ©古舘春一/集英社
As expected "Haikyu!!" returns again, but this time its a movie installment, "Haikyu!! Movie: Battle of the Garbage Dump." While fans rejoice at the prospect of more thrilling volleyball action, there's a bittersweet twist reminding of "Attack on Titan" tactics. Departing from the traditional season format, "Haikyu!!" opts for a cinematic experience with two movies. The news has left fans smiling through tears, as the excitement for the film is tempered by the realization that this format may mean less content overall. Nevertheless, it could compensate with better quality animation and enthusiasts eagerly await the first installment, ready to dive back into the world of intense sportsmanship that is "Haikyu!!".

Solo Leveling (俺だけレベルアップな件, Ore dake Level Up na Ken)

Solo Leveling
©Solo Leveling Animation Partners
The highly acclaimed webtoon "Solo Leveling" is generating buzz as it prepares for its much-anticipated anime adaptation. Originating in Korean by Chugong, the dark fantasy series has captivated audiences with its intense action and compelling narrative. As Sung Jin-Woo navigates a world teeming with monsters and dungeons, fans are eagerly awaiting the animated rendition, poised to deliver a visually striking and emotionally resonant experience. However, details surrounding the anime, such as the animation studio, voice cast, and episode count, remain elusive, fueling speculation within the community. Despite the mystery, the impending release promises to be a major event, attracting both loyal fans and newcomers alike, all eager to witness Sung Jin-Woo's captivating journey unfold on the animated stage.

Few honorable mentions

  • Fluffy Paradise (異世界でもふもふなでなでするためにがんばってます, Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade suru Tame ni Ganbattemasu.): Hard to imagine a cuter anime and anime name. "Mofumofu Nadenade" is here to bring some wholesomeness with fluffy animals
Fluffy Paradise anime
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